Pistons for 2 wheeler disc brake.

We are making Aluminum pistons via the cold forging route, this helps in reducing the cost of the piston as compared to its bar route process.

By making the piston through cold forging, we not only reduce the overall cost of the part but in addition to that we get all the plus points of cold forging like Homogeneity, strength, microstructure, continuous grain flow, reduce fatigue, no-porosity etc.

Among our strengths we have machining and an in-house facility for inspection. All put together we supply pistons at a very competitive price. Currently the volume we are producing is 200000 pieces per month and we can certainly triple our volume if need be.

Surface treatment for Pistons- usually Hard Anodising is carried out in order to strengthen the pistons more.

Currently we are making pistons of diameter 28mm & length 28mm. As per the requirement of the customer we can make pistons of various size up to 40mm outer diameter.