Components For Fuel Supply Line

TRIA is supplying critical components and fittings required for fuel supply line to OEMs of various Automotive giants.

We are currently exporting these parts to Germany, Serbia & USA.

These are machined parts (done on sliding heads, turn mills etc.) & hot forged – machined parts manufactured in Stainless steel (AISI 303, 304, 316) & Carbon steel.

We also carry out post processing like Zinc-Nickel plating to carbon steel parts as per requirement from customer.

These parts undergo washing, drying and are inspected on vision camera inspection machines (where part OK or NOK is determined by machine).

We supply with analytical reports of cp, cpk, ppk for the batch if it is a customer requirement.

Brake Parts

We manufacture Aluminium / Carbon still pistons for two wheeler and four wheeler disc brake.

Pistons in brakes are very important, they happen to be larger in diameter than the ones in the master cylinder.

If the brake pistons retracted into their cylinders, then to engage brake pads it might take several applications of the brake pedal to pump enough fluid into the brake cylinder.

We have given a cost saving solution to our customers while simultaneously enhancing its quality. We are supplying pistons by cold forged machined route against the bar route.

Cold forging enhances its mechanical properties and gives a continuous grain flow & makes the part more homogenous and strong. Our pistons are cost effective, top quality and durable.

Engine Parts

The engine is undoubtedly the heart of the automotive. Like the saying goes that the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts similarly the engine is only as good as the parts with which it is made.

Hence we understand the importance of the quality of engine parts and that’s exactly what we do make efficient and quality rich engine parts. We are exporting a lot of components which are parts of engine assembly.

Moreover we manufacture parts required in stainless steel, with critical quality requirements.

Seat Parts

Seat parts are important aspect of the automotive.

We are supplying seat parts (hardware & few machined parts) to Johnson controls.

Customer is appreciating us through awards almost every year for quality & long association.

Johnson Controls, Incis an American based company with global presence and their appreciation not only rewards our enthusiasm and hard work but also goes on to prove that we are successfully fulfilling our promise of optimum quality.

Carburetor Parts

French word “carbure” meaning carbide is the etymology of the word carburetor.

A carburetor is a device used to blend fuel and air in the right ratio for internal combustion engine. It allows the engine to run efficiently over a broad range of load, conditions and engine speed.

One doesn’t need to be a specialist to realize that a well-functioning carburetor adds to the life and safety of the automotive.

Just like all our products we take extra efforts to make sure our carburetor parts are up to the mark.

We are supplying Aluminum forged parts which are required in the carburetor assembly.

To learn more about our SAE Flange offering, kindly download our full catalogue.

Here we offer one of our Trump Cards, our very own TRIA brand renowned product to the market.

Excellence, quality and innovation are ideals that we live by here at TRIA.

We follow a lot of guidelines and operating procedures to ensure that our promise of quality is never diminished.

We work hard to provide you with quality that you can put your utmost faith on.

Please go through our catalogue for the detail information about


Just like how the exterior of an automotive is important so is an aesthetic interior equally important.

A lot of car manufacturers who take notice of this fact seek good quality interior parts; we are here to fulfill that requirement.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and all our work is done while keeping this in mind.

We are supplying many components required in the Interior & plastic division of the Automotive manufacturers.

We manufacture inserts, hardware & other fitment and supporting parts for the Automotive interior.

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