Inspection Facility

We are proud to announce that we have best of breed quality control equipment.

In the early stages of workshops scales, vernier & micrometers were often used. But now with the continuous upgrading of technology, the inspection facilities along with the need for precise instruments and checking methods have been developed.

We at TRIA are constantly looking for opportunities to challenge ourselves, exceed our expectations and limitations and constantly keep growing and improving ourselves. Hence we have to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

State of the art Instruments :

ZEISS O-inspect 322

Features :

  • Telecentric zoomlens Discovery
  • Adaptive illumination system
  • Scanning sensor VAST XXT
  • Probing rack
  • calibration sphere

Auto camera inspection machine

Features :

  • Helps to achieve zero defect product
  • Accuracy starts from ± 2 μm
  • Can check 25 dimensions within fraction of second
  • Improved productivity and quality with a single machine
  • Have a smaller footprint and use less floor space
  • Can be moved much more easily
  • Easy to teach and operate
  • Automatic data report such as Daily & Monthly Productivity and Static process control, CP-CPK report

Air gauging equipment

Features :

  • Fully automatic test with objective and repeatable high precision measures for all part from ± 10 μm
  • Fast measurement & analysis time that is 100 Millisecond* per images (10 parts per second)
  • Automatic data report such as Daily & Monthly Productivity, CP-CPK, Gauge R&R* and customer specific customized reports
  • Fast and easy update of all International standards through Teleservice
  • Simple and user-friendly teaching and operating system
  • Very easy for maintenance

For continuous production these instruments cannot be feasible to get correct output in lesser time so we have these gauges

  • Snap gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • Thread plug and ring gauges
  • Relation gauges

Other Instruments in our inspection facility :

  • Basic measuring instruments – Verniers, Micrometers, Scales
  • Dial verniers with different least counts
  • Digital verniers
  • Digital micrometers
  • Digital depth micrometer
  • Height gauge

To get correct dimensional reading while setting and for the final inspection we have the following instruments :

  • Mitutoyo made 2D height gauge
  • Mitutoyo made Contracer (to check the profiles of the component without cutting it)
  • Profile projector
  • Mitutoyo make Surface roughness tester (for Ra, Rz values)
  • Air Gauging equipment
  • Hardness testers for BHN, HRC and HRB values
  • Pressure testing equipment (in-house) for flanges & valves
  • MPI (magnetic particle inspection machine) checking machine which checks for cracks in the round, square and hexagon bars

Quality Testing

Including Crack detection, microstructure, case depth, hardness testing and other tests as per our customer’s requirements

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