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Our Business segments include Automotive, Hydraulics, Switchgears and Telecom. We provide parts for all these segments. We give a lot of emphasis on good communication with our customers. We understand our customer’s unique requirements and accordingly we deliver service. We have systems in place, we have the necessary infrastructure and we select the right raw materials and processes based on the customers unique requirements. We give a lot of importance to work ethic and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts, in fact if necessary we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.The automotive sector has some challenging demands and we are well equipped to face them. We provide parts for flanges, brakes, carburetor, interiors, seat and engines. In Construction Equipment components we provide flanges, caps/ferrules/shells, hydraulic fittings and pins. Pins are safety critical components and we take great care while selecting the right materials during manufacturing. In Hydraulics we provide defect free needle valves and cost effective Hydraulic fittings. For Switchgears we provide parts SF-6, oil and Sub-Assemblies. The Telecom sector due to its nature of growth requires a lot of qualitative polymer products; this is something which we cater to.We keep customer satisfaction and quality in mind while manufacturing and supplying parts to all these business segments.



We have Strong design capabilities, world-class execution for Automotive, Hydraulics, Electrical (Switch gear), telecom, waste management and construction equipment. We value customer satisfaction above everything else. We can work with you in a collaborative manner to develop new products that meet your unique needs. TRIA Group offers a variety of SAE Flanges.Our flanges and hydraulic product lines are tested and approved by the world’s largest OEMs. We went the extra mile and we built our own SPM’s (Special Purpose Machinery) for producing Hollow Axles which are needed for dustbins, this is the level of our determination. We are open to new challenges and are committed towards quality. TRIA Group has developed over 100 new products for global customers within a 12 month period, and continues to work with our customers and partners to launch new lines of products. With our world–class manufacturing facilities; we are capable of providing a wide range of precision engineering components to meet your needs. We have six dedicated manufacturing facilities in Pune, India, with over 120,000 square feet. We are ready to service you.