SAE 6162 Flanges

TRIA Group produces Flanges at unparalleled quality at competitive prices.

Our products have passed the most stringent quality tests by our customers. Please contact us to request samples for testing.

TRIA Group offers a variety of SAE Flanges, including one-piece (Captive/Bride) Mono Flanges, and split Flange (Demi-Bride) clamps for use with Flanged hose ends or inserts.

Our Flanges are stocked in code 61 (which is 3000 psi) and code 62 (which is 6000 psi) configurations in versions for socket weld and butt weld.

Female screwed version for BSP and NPT threads are also available. In one-piece flanges, we offer both O-Ring half and flat-face half.

TRIA supplies SAE Flanges both as single components or with additional accessories if required.

To learn more about our SAE Flange offering, kindly download our full catalogue.

Types of Flanges Offered

  • SAE Split Flange Halves
  • Flange Clamps with Metric Tapped Holes
  • Split Flange Halves — Flat Style
  • Mono Flange Clamps — Flat Style
  • Multi-Part Butt Weld Flange and Butt Weld Tube End
  • Multi-Part Socket Weld Flange and Socket Weld Tube End
  • Multi-Part Blind Flange and Blind Plug
  • Integrated Female BSP/NPT Threaded Flange
  • Integrated Female UN Threaded Flange
  • Integrated Female Metric Threaded Flange
  • Integrated Butt Weld Flange
  • Integrated Socket Weld Flange
  • Integrated Blind Flange
  • Adaptor Flange with Port for Test Point

Flange Material

Depending on our customers, requirements, TRIA Group is capable of producing products (Flanges) from both carbon steel and stainless steel.

For carbon steel:

  • SAE 1040 or En8D
  • ST52-3
  • C45
  • Cr41

For stainless steel:

  • AISI304L
  • AISI316L

Flanges Surface Protection

  • Chrome (VI) free Or Cr3 (Trivalent)
  • Hexavalent chrome plating
  • Zinc Nickel

Our standard finish for all Flanges is blank steel with protection fluid against rust.

Flanges which do not require welding can be supplied in a zinc passivated finish.

Flange Kits

Split flange clamps can be supplied as a flange kit complete with metric or UNC bolts, spring washers, and ‘o’ ring. Metric bolts conform generally to Din 912-8.8 (ISO4762-8.8) or Din 912-10.9 (ISO4762-10.0) and UNC bolts conform generally to ASA B18.3.


All ‘o’ rings are standard as Nitrile, Buna 90 shore or Viton 85-90 shore.


TRIA SAE Flanges are used as a reliable alternative to regular pipe and tube connectors.

Their biggest advantage is the considerably higher pressure resistance for most sizes and the continuous pressure level of the 6,000 PSI High-Pressure Series which can resist maximum working pressures of up to 400 bar.

TRIA SAE Flanges are used in the following fields of industry:

  • Industrial Hydraulics
  • Injection Moulding Machinery
  • Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery
  • Sintering Machinery
  • Steel Mills
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Paper Processing
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Building Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Forestry Machinery
  • Lifting and Material Handling Equipment

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