How we work

We Value Your Business

We have grown with service and customer satisfaction. The basic principles behind our growth are quality, and desire for continual development. These have harvested rich yields. The value adds to value has become an aspiration for every person associated with us. The young and dynamic team has played a major role in this constantly upward trend. The team’s involvement in every department keeps the pace and wheel moving. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves and reaching towards new heights. We value our customers trust more than anything and therefore we do our best to not only live up to our customers’ expectations but exceed them. We believe that quality of service is the only way through which we can satisfy our customers. Hence we put in our whole and sole into achieving the ideal of providing optimum quality. We are open to new things and we believe in innovation and being flexible. We focus on team work and a co-operative approach to task completion. And whatever we do it’s done with the intent of deriving optimum output and productivity.
How we work

For our partners and customers, TRIA Group offers an array of strategic solutions that result in significant value for your business:

Captive Manufacturing

  • Captive facility to manufacture your products in India for your specific needs.
  • Working under contract, we setup the facility under strict confidentiality and exclusivity.
  • As of February, 2011: We now produce 50,000 units monthly of a special low-carbon steel hydraulic ferrule for a major Japanese OEM under contract in our new facility in Pune, India. Due to intellectual property constraints, we are unable to describe the product in detail.

Joint Ventures

  • Shared investment into a new venture together with a domestic or international partner.
  • Our management team at TRIA is uniquely positioned to structure and execute on JV.
  • As of February, 2011: TRIA has entered into a business agreement with a major German manufacturer to product over 2.5 million specially designed axles for export to Germany. We have designed & manufactured SPM to achieve unbelievable production output.

Import Substitution

  • Multinationals seeking localization of their supplies within India seek TRIA.
  • Over 300 German companies have located in Pune, and over 500 major OEMs and solution providers from around the world have located in India.
  • TRIA provides an array of products for companies seeking a trusted local Indian supplier. With our exports to USA & partnership with a German company, we are truly global, but with local manufacturing presence in India.
  • As of February, 2011: We have developed over 90 import substitution products which are manufactured in India for global multinational corporations. We provide exceptional quality at lower risk (exchange rate, importation)