SAE Flanges 6162

Here we offer one of our Trump Cards, our very own TRIA brand renowned product to the market.

Excellence, quality and innovation are ideals that we live by here at TRIA.

We follow a lot of guidelines and operating procedures to ensure that our promise of quality is never diminished.

We work hard to provide you with quality that you can put your utmost faith on.

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We make caps, ferrules and shells. We manufacture ferrules as per the customers drawing.

We are well aware that this part is crimped and should not crack while crimping.
Hence we carry out extensive heat treatments to the ferrules to get the desired results.

For high volumes we process ferrules through cold forming – (in which metal is formed under high speed and high pressure) & then through machining route.

For low volumes we make it out of Bar route. Its internal profile is very important; hence to check the internal profile we have a Mitutoyo made contracer.

This helps in high-accuracy measurement, which in turn helps us in getting the correct results of its angles, radius, depth etc.

Hydraulic Fittings

We offer leak free solutions when it comes to Hydraulic fittings.

We also make non-standard Hydraulic fittings via hot forging – (in which the temperature is raised above the re-crystallization point of the metal which prevents the metals strain hardening during deformation) and then through machining route.

However volume should be enough to take care of the die cost recovery.

Our Hydraulic fittings are made from high quality materials and are designed to withstand very high pressures.

Delivering quality is our number 1 priority here at TRIA.

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